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Ordering organic fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

All the fresh fruits and vegetables online stores in one place so you can freely choose agriculture, farmers and the quality of your fruits, vegetables and other foods.

Fruits and vegetables direct from farmers

> 40,00 €
Cesta ecológica de la huerta de Valencia
20,00 € 26,00 € - 2,35 €/Kg. 8,50 Kg
> 2,00 €
Vino Tinto Ecológico, Crianza...
17,40 €/U. min: 1,00 U.
> 8,00 €
Con tomates ecológicos
10,00 € 2,50 €/Kg. 4,00 Kg
20,00 € 1,67 €/U. 12,00 Kg
> 10,00 €
La mandarina Satsuma Okitsu pertenece...
20,00 € 25,00 € - 2,00 €/Kg. 10,00 Kg
> 10,00 €
3 tipos de frutas
25,00 € 2,78 €/Kg. 9,00 Kg
> 24,00 €
Calabacín ecológico
1,80 €/Kg.
> 10,00 €
Mixta fruta y verdura
15,00 € 1,50 €/Kg. 10,00 Kg
In Agroboca you will find fresh fruits, vegetables and other organic products directly from the farmer. Organic and traditional fruits and vegetables, in bulk, in packs or in assorted boxes of fruits and vegetables in different weights and compositions designed for the whole week.
With Agroboca's advanced fruit and vegetable serch engine you can filter before order your fruits and vegetables online by different criteria: price, province of origin, type of growing, organic ... The savings by reducing the margin of brokering can thus be invested in higher quality agriculture and a fairer price for all.
Basic search engine
Specialized search engine for shopping fruits and vegetables online : fresh, flavored, organic and traditional organic fruits and vegetables, seasonal, direct from the farmer and delivered in 24 / 48 hours at your home.
Thanks. New push for AGROBOCA
New push for AGROBOCA

Thank you for helping us get here. Now we need a new push to develop new free tools to facilitate the work of consumer groups and wholesale tools for producers. New tools that will serve to better connect the needs of the two ends of the chain: farmers and consumers.

Fruit ice lolly, ice cream and sorbets
Fruit ice loly and sorbets

In general, fruit ice creams are made with watery fruits and juices. The easiest way is to present them in the form of ice lollies, slush, or sorbet. These ice creams are prepared with juices or natural fruit pulp: orange, lemon, cherries, strawberries, peaches, kiwis, blueberries, watermelons, melons or mangoes, ... and their preparation may be a good idea to take advantage of that fruit that we do not want That spoils.

Low-calorie diet lengthens life

How old are we going to live? Why do some flies live only a few hours and a totuga can live up to 300 years? There seems to be a relationship between energy stress and longevity. A recent article on low-calorie diets confirms in macaque monkeys, with which we share 93% of the DNA, that the caloric restriction in the diet does extend the life of these living beings.

Your free online shop
Agroboca offers a free online store to each farmer who contributes to the support of the platform with a small commission on sales. In this way we promote the supply and quality of fruits and vegetables.
How does it work
1. Registry for free
2. Publish your products and offers
3. Describe your business and certificates
4. Activate online sales (optional)
5. Receive your orders
Need help?
Send us your name and phone and we will contact you to help you.

AGROBOCA is a platform created in 2009 to recover all the flavor, nutritional value and a reasonable price in fruits and vegetables. We believe that to achieve this, it is essential to support the protagonists, the farmers. To do this we created this channel, inviting consumers to buy at source and offering farmers free and digital tools to sell their products directly, with the original quality and at a fair price for all.

Fruits and vegetables, organic or traditional? Buy Quality

In Agroboca we support a quality agriculture, capable of offering fresh fruits and vegetables, full of flavor, healthy and at a fair price for all.
Undoubtedly, the organic fruits and vegetables are the most suitable for this definition, but it is also true that there are farmers who through a traditional agriculture grow fruits and vegetables of the highest quality and equally healthy without having a organoc certificate.
Organic fruits and vegetables are seasonal , but they are not always fruits or vegetables matured in the sun because there are times of the year that their growing can only be made in a greenhouse. On the other hand the more tasty local varieties and varieties are increasingly scarcely used ... so what is the best option to order fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables ?
In agroboca we understand that if there is a plural and transparent offer, the consumer can have all the information to freely choose the best type of agriculture and plant varieties to buy fruits and vegetables > That best fit the tastes and needs. About the types of agriculture and quality in fruits and vegetables .
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