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A sequoia forest in Spain

In the 1940s, a Monte Corona forest consortium planted hundreds of giant redwoods as a source of fast-growing quality wood. The project was abandoned just when the specimens began to have enough entity, and today we can visit a legacy of about three hectares of these incredible giant trees without having to go to the North American national parks.

Cantabria, forest of giant sequoia trees (Spain)

The forest of giant sequoia trees of Cantabria, Spain.

Since 2003, the forest of giant sequoia trees in the area of ​​Cabezón de la Sal is a natural monument that even many Cantabrians do not know. 848 individuals who stand as a disciplined army up to almost 40 meters high are registered. That is, they have the size of a ten-story building. It is only the beginning of a long story. If the forest is taken care of, the giant sequoia (Sequoia sempervirens) provides high quality wood, as well as long and very straight logs. This type of tree exceeds one hundred meters high, seven meters in diameter and has come to live up to 3,000 years, at least that is how old the most spectacular specimens of American national parks are today.

The tour is an activity suitable for children and for all audiences, because the path is wide and comfortable. It is especially indicated to go with children and show them the magnificence of that species and others that appear in the nearby areas, also of the 1940 plantation, such as radiata and eucalyptus pines. However, there are some steep slopes and stairs, so the route is not adapted for people with disabilities.

The Natural Monument of the Sequoias of Cabezón is at the foot of the CA-135 road, the road that leads from Cabezón de la Sal to Comillas, before the town of La Hayuela. Well indicated.
Tourist Office of Cabezón de la Sal Tel. 942 700 332


Source. La Vanguradia 12-30-19

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