Fruit ice loly and sorbets

In general, fruit ice creams are made with watery fruits and juices. The easiest way is to present them in the form of ice lollies, slush, or sorbet. These ice creams are prepared with juices or natural fruit pulp: orange, lemon, cherries, strawberries, peaches, kiwis, blueberries, watermelons, melons or mangoes, ... and their preparation may be a good idea to take advantage of that fruit that we do not want That spoils.

Fruit ice lollies and sorbets

Ice cream, the star of summer dessert, is a great way to take advantage of fruits and their nutrients.

An easy-to-prepare and low-risk type of ice cream in summer is ice cream or sorbet because it carries neither eggs nor milk.

The warm months fill the greengries with color and variety. Cherries, peaches, watermelons, melons or mangoes are some of the varieties that can be found at this time of year. All are at their best and are very appealing. So much so, that sometimes it is difficult to choose and return home after the purchase with many pieces of fruit and then it is difficult to avoid being spoiled.


Prepare ice lolly or sorbet

In general, fruit ice lolly and sorbet are made with watery fruits and juice. The easiest way is to present them in the form of sherbets, sherbets or the classic polos. These ice creams are prepared with juices or natural fruit pulp, plus a syrup if you need to before the lack of sweetness of the fruit. Granizados are made with very watery fruits (such as watermelon, pineapple, melon, orange, mandarin or lemon) or other more exotic, such as mango or passion fruit.

1. To begin with, you should only make juice of the desired fruit - orange, lemon, etc. - or liquefy a watermelon (suitable for preparing a hail). You can also mix fruit flavors that combine wonderfully, like peaches with raspberries or with kiwi.

2. Once liquefied, they are strained so that the juice is cleaned of fruit remains and is introduced in a sorbetera or in ice cream molds with a toothpick inside to make poles.

3. Freeze for about four hours - or until it solidifies - and you already have an exquisite ice cream or natural ice cream.

If you want a quick hail it is necessary to mix some ice with fruit juice in a kitchen robot. The whole, crushed, is transformed into a crunchy ice cream to which you can add a little bit of flavor with some notes of liquor at the end.

Other types of ice cream

According to its ingredients and characteristics, the ice creams are divided into ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, sorbet and ice cream dessert.

- Cream ice cream is a product containing not less than 8% milkfat and not less than 2,5% milkfat protein.

- Milk ice cream. Contains at least 2.5% of milkfat and at least 6% of milkfat dry matter, whereas skimmed milk ice-cream contains not more than 0,30% fat

- The designation of ice cream is reserved for a product containing not less than 5% by weight of food fat and in which the proteins are of milk origin.

- Water ice is the product that contains at least 12% of total dry extract and is known as "ice lolly".

- Sorbet is a product containing at least 15% of fruits and 20% of total dry extract.

- Ice cream dessert is any presentation of the ice cream in any of its varieties or of its mixtures that undergo a process of elaboration and decoration, with alimentary products apt for the human consumption.


Some recipes for ice cream. Source El Mundo.

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