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Fruits & vegetables august offers

You choose where. Agroboca producers send it to you wherever you are in Spain: in the mountains, on the coast or at home. Take care of your food in summer and don't compromise on quality. Always quality fruits and vegetables. Taste, nutrition and at a fair price for consumers and for the farmer.

Junto almar o en plena montaña, siempre frutas y hportalizas frescas y de temporada

Wherever you are, try to supply seasonal fruits and vegetables directly from the producer. With this habit, you control the origin and quality of the product yourself, and you get a different quality, less commercial but with a flavor that only a product harvested at its optimum point can give you. Tell your producer to harvest and prepare the product according to what you expect from a short-channel product.

AUGUST 2021 offer of fruits and vegetables, as an example
Average price € 2 / KG - product of traditional cultivation without the use of agrochemicals
Prices without transport

4.5 KG BOX:
-1 kg of pears from the field
-1 kg of cucumbers
-1 kg of zucchini
-1 kg of tomato
-1/2 kg of peppers

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-1 kg ground pears or other season fruit
-1 kg cucumbers
-1 kg green zucchini
-1 kg round zucchini
-2 kg of tomato
-1 fresh onion
-1 kg cornicabra peppers
-1/2 kg of cherry tomato
-1/2 kg of sweet bell pepper
- 1 bag of native oregano.

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Shipments to the entire peninsula, no matter where you are: in the mountains, in a rural tourism house, in a campsite, on the coast or at home with your loved ones. Take care of your food in summer and don't compromise on quality.

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About AGROBOCA. Taste, nutrition, fair prices.

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