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Offer "Quédate en casa" full of vitamines

Join as a farmer in the #ofertasquedateencasa and offer a basket with the basic products that you grow. In these days of quarantine, users will appreciate using your basket for themselves or to send family members who cannot leave home.

Now it's your turn

Due to the special circumstances and while the quarantine lasts, we have invited some producers to offer their fresh vegetable products and complement them with other basic food products, such as rice, legumes, tomato sauces, pasta; to optimize transportation on every purchase.

Join as a farmer in the #ofertasquedateencasa and offer a basket with the basic and safe products that you grow.

Users can use your basket for them or to send family members who are unable or unwilling to go shopping these days while the health care service lasts.

Today you can think of yourself or them, but it is the same, because farmers and consumers are the raison d'être of the food chain and those who support it.

To do this, agroboca offers you a free online store and catalog so that you can organize and sell your products directly. General information about Agroboca stores. Things you need to know before starting a store

Use your channel. It acts in origin.

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