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Green asparagus and organic

The season of green asparagus is from March to June to taste them in a thousand ways. We propose two simple recipes, stir-fried asparagus and grilled asparagus. Now you can buy your organic green asparagus directly from the farmer in Agroboca.

Organic green asparagus

Scrambled eggs with wild asparagus

- Eggs (2)
- Bunch of green or green asparagus (1)
- Mushrooms / prawns / garlic
- A stream of extra virgin olive oil
- Salt

This recipe is very simple and can serve you both for a meal and for a dinner.

1. - Brown the asparagus with the oil in the pan.

2.- Add the prawns, garlic or mushrooms, before as they take longer to make eggs.

3.- Finally, we throw the eggs and stir the mixture.
If we do not want to add garlic or prawns, we can also make the scrambled without any of the previous supplements.


Grilled Asparagus Asparagus Recipe

- 2 bunches of wild or green asparagus
- A stream of extra virgin olive oil
- Salt

1.- Wash the asparagus with plenty of water to remove any impurities, then we will take each one and cut its back part of the stem, we will distinguish it immediately because it is whitened and harder than the rest, we discard it.

2.- Meanwhile, we put the iron to heat and we will pour a little oil and a handful of salt over it.

3.- When the oil is hot, place all the asparagus on the surface of the iron.

4.- We let them be done for about 5 minutes, then we'll turn them over so that they finish doing it all over their base to make sure we do not get any raw.

5.- We let it be done in this position approximately another 5 minutes, time that we will continue according to the diameter of these asparagus since, as is obvious, the thickest will take longer to be done and vice versa, in this step, what I do is crush them a bit with the small wooden paddle, so that they finish expelling the moisture that is left especially in the back, once we see that they are already beginning to soften we will remove them from the plate to be served


Buy organic asparagus or collect them

The wild asparagus, wild or green have two incentives: their own gourmet essence and the temptation of the hiker to make their own collection on paths and paths. If the wild collection is respected with the environment and not all the specimens are harvested ... the asparagus will then bloom and can continue its course.

If you are not going to collect them, you should also know that many farmers grow them for consumption, being of greater vigor and many already of organic farming. Now you can buy organic green asparagus or wild seasonal asparagus and full of flavor in Agroboca.


How to know which part is not eaten

Use only the tender part, and to decide where it starts and ends, bend the stud gently until it comes to an end and split by itself on the softest part. This part will be the boundary between the hardest part of the mat and the tender part.

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