Handicraft Production of Vegetable Seeds

Free FAO manual to facilitate the knowledge to reproduce and preserve native seeds of vegetables for the family garden. A little gem edited in Chile useful for everyone.

The objective is to offer the necessary knowledge so that through a process of diffusion it is learned to produce and to conserve of quick and simple way the seeds of the vegetables that usually are cultivated in its orchards.

The manual emphasizes the care of local varieties and seeds for their environmental adaptation, the promotion of family work and the generation of savings in the family economy as complementary initiatives for food security.



The establishment of an orchard, independent of its size always delivers benefits to the family, satisfying their nutritional needs through healthy vegetables and of high quality.

It is hoped that the aim of this technical manual is to provide knowledge to small family farmers in techniques of local production of vegetable seeds and thus to instruct them to harvest their own seeds and encourage them to work periodically in their orchards , As well as getting better nutrition.

The manual is divided in four chapters related to: Indications necessary for the establishment of a garden or orchard for the production of handmade seeds; Basic principles on seed physiology and production in the family orchard with fold-out charts per family and the characteristics of their in situ cultivation; And Elements of management, conservation and storage of the seeds produced.

The manual is inserted as a methodological support aimed at achieving the Sustainable and Efficient Increase in the production of crops for Family Agriculture.

Download the manual. In Spanish.

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