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Tolosa - 500 grs
1,35 €/Kg. min: 0,50 Kg.
> 15,00 €
Producto ECO y de temporada
4,80 €/Kg. min: 0,50 Kg.
Tolosa - 1 kgs
1,75 €/Kg. min: 1,00 Kg.
President - 500 grs
1,23 €/Kg. min: 0,50 Kg.
President - 1 kg
1,98 €/Kg. min: 1,00 Kg.
> 1,00 €
Oferta. Bolsa de 3 Kg de ciruelas...
5,50 € 6,00 € - 2,75 €/Kg. 2,00 Kg
Shop: Terramundi

Listing of online stores to buy plums

In Agroboca you can buy plums, consult the list of stores that sell it and compare prices to choose the best option. Choose from trades or buy directly from the farmer without brokering. Choose seasonal plums if you are looking for fresh and intense flavor. Check seasonal calendars in each farmer's store.

You can check the ratings to buy better and vote the quality of the plums once bought to share your opinion with other users.

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