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Organic fruits for companies and offices

A healthy organization, takes care of your diet. Organic fruits varied weekly for your office or company, bought directly at source and giving fair compensation to those who grow them. Acts in origin with Agroboca and favors the rural environment and a healthier and more sustainable quality agriculture for all.

Organic fruits for companies and offices
Organic fruits for companies and offices

Varied organic fruit for current equipment and work environments

Shipping to all of Spain. Price with transportation included
Prices for companies, not boutique healthy; )

Offer your team a healthy lunch or breakfast at your place of work. Use our weekly boxes of fresh seasonal organic fruit to enjoy them all week long.

We make a weekly composition of up to 5 types of seasonal organic fruit so that your team is emotionally and physically full.

The fruit is a natural source of energy (natural unprocessed sugar), vitamins and mineral salts, in addition to hydrating and providing natural fiber ideal for the care and maintenance of the intestinal microbiota.


Act with Agroboca in origin

The fruits that you will receive in your office or company are organic, bought directly at the origin, paying fairly to those who cultivate them.

In this way your organization favors the rural environment and a healthier and more sustainable quality agriculture for all.


A healthy organization, takes care of diet

The commercial appearance without defects is usually achieved by harvesting in "green" (below the point of maturity), keeping in camera and discarding calibers and pieces that do not conform to the "perfect" look. The result is that you have to produce more fruit than you consume with an increase in waste, use of water and fertilizers during cultivation and energy for the cold chain and transportation.
In Agroboca we seek quality is not only a matter of volume and appearance: flavor, nutrition and a reasonable fair price for the producer and his customers. So we accept "ugly" fruit that does not always have a regular size, but in return we know that it has matured in the tree, has all its nutrients, brings all its flavor and has been cultivated in a respectful way for our health and the environment.

Seasonal composition
organic oranges
ecological peaches
ecological nectarines
organic apricots
ecological bananas
Organic cherries (optional)

Subscription to 4 boxes per month of 8 Kg
Weekly transport, 24 hours without refrigeration. Delivery Tuesday
Certified organic product

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