Organic extra virgin olive oil 2L - extra virgin

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Organic extra virgin olive oil
Producers of organic extra virgin olive oil. Intense flavor and aroma. Certified organic farming.

Ecological operator ES ECO 024 MU

2 liter polypropylene carafe


- Energy value (Kj / Kcal) 3700 Kj / 900 Kcal

- Fat, 99 g
Of which saturated 14 g

- Carbohydrates 0.0 g
Of which sugars 0.0 gg

- Proteins 0.0 g

- Salt 0.0 g

Store in a cool, dry place protected from light

Cultivated in the own farms directly from the farmers and manipulated in our cooperative.

Characteristics of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from U.P.O.N

The zone of Calasparra and bordering, where the climate is bonancible and an average altitude of 350m. above sea level, it is an excellent natural environment for olive growing.

The cooperative U.P.O.N. it was constituted in 1991 grouping the producers of the region. In this way, the Extra Virgin oil of U.P.O.N. soon it was credited as a pure olive oil juice of a spectacular quality.

We obtain as a result, an Extra Virgin oil, 100% natural juice with an intense golden color of a pleasant palate, with a mixture of aromas of fresh fruits, with a final taste of piñonera almonds.

As remarkable features we could mention:
- Low acidity
- Golden yellow color
- Soft sweet flavor
- Aroma of fresh fruit
Single packaged product:
Olive oil
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Organic growing Certificate
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Delivery time to individuals and businesses throughout Spain in 24 / 48h.

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