Organic sweetpotatoes - Beauregard

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Organic sweet potatoes Beauregard variety

Minimum purchase 120 KG, 20 boxes
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Presentation of 6 KG bulk boxes
Mixed SMALL and MEDIUM caliber

Own harvest and with ecological certificate

It is a food that is classified within the group of tubers, but is distinguished from the rest by its characteristic sweet taste. It looks very similar to the potato, with thicker skin and a more elongated shape. The color of your skin may vary between yellow, red, violet and purple. Instead, its meat is white or slightly orange.

Sweet potatoes have a taste between potatoes, carrots, almonds and chestnuts, and a sweetness between carrots and squash.

As the orange color of the pulp indicates, sweet potato is rich in provitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene.

200 grams of sweet potato twice cover the daily needs of this vitamin, essential for the skin, visual health and bone development.

Antioxidant power
One of the most remarkable properties of sweet potato for health is its aforementioned antioxidant effect.

The best known component is beta-carotene, which prevents cataracts, immune disorders and even some types of cancer thanks to its stimulating effect on the immune system.

In the case of people with kidney disorders, such as the propensity for the formation of stones, or with deficiencies of certain minerals, they should moderate the intake of this food due to its oxalate content
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sweet potato
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Organic growing Certificate
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1,80 €/Kg. 1,50 €
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