Cilantro cone - Cilantro

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Fresh Cilantro vertically grown. Harvested and served the same day, still with the roots.

Parsley's false friend, this aromatic herb is originating from Southeast Asia with a very characteristic and strong taste. It contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, is diuretic, and very rich in vitamin C and K. Genetics tells us that there are only two options: either you love it, or you hate it!

Each cone contains 1 plant

Our fresh Cilantro:
- Farmed in Barcelona, a few km from you
- Comes in a cardboard and PLA (corn starch) cone
- Truly sustainable Vertical Agriculture
- Pesticides free

Cilantro brings the touch of citrus power to your dishes. We give you a couple of ideas:
- Guacamole. A classic in all parties and snacks. If we want to make it the original, fresh Cilantro is a must.
- Fish. Just like parsley, the acidity and freshness of Cilantro makes it a good dressing for our fish dishes.
- Cilantro pesto - perfect with grilled vegetables or as a salad dressing!
Single packaged product:
aromatic herb
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Conventional agriculture
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