L'Olier pure olive oil

  • L'OLIER Extra virgin olive oil. Spain

  • We control the whole process: cultivation, harvesting, grinding and packaging.

  • Arbequina olive oil 100% with all its natural properties

We introduce you the L'OLIER extra virgin olive oil, superior quality oils made with 100% arbequina olives from the Garrigues region of Lleida in Catalonia,Spain.

L'OLIER is an oil subjected to rigorous production and processing controls: we control the olives from the tree, during the harvesting process, during the grinding process and until it reaches our consumer in the form of premium oil . The grinding follows a process that preserves all the natural properties of the fruit. The result of all this is L'OLIER, a natural fruit juice from our land.

Featured Products

Extra virgin olive oil 5l
Single product
Conventional agriculture
38,00 €
35,00 € - 5,00 Kg - 7,60 €/Kg
L'OLIER 750cc, Extra virgin olive oil
Tasting container
Single product
Conventional agriculture
12,00 €
0,75 Kg - 16,00 €/Kg
L'OLIER 250cc, Extra virgin olive oil
Dispenser 250 cc
Single product
Conventional agriculture
5,00 €
0,25 Kg - 20,00 €/Kg
L'OLIER 2L, Extra virgin olive oil
2L consumption container
Single product
Conventional agriculture
18,00 €
17,00 € - 2,00 Kg - 9,00 €/Kg
L'OLIER 5L, Extra virgin olive oil
5L savings container
Single product
Conventional agriculture
40,00 €
5,00 Kg - 8,00 €/Kg
L'OLIER 60L, Extra virgin olive oil
OFFER € 4.6 / liter transport included
Single product
Conventional agriculture
456,00 €
420,00 € - 60,00 Kg - 7,60 €/Kg
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