L'OLIER 2L, Extra virgin olive oil - Extra Virgin

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L'OLIER, Extra virgin olive oil
Container 2 Liters
Price / liter: € 6

Official brand of oil produced by Cooperativa Els Torms, producers of Arbequina olives from the district of Las Garrigues, province of Lleida.


Energy 900 kcal
Proteins 0 gr
Carbohydrates 0 gr


saturated 15 gr
monounsaturated 75 gr
polyunsaturated 10 gr


The oil condenses from 7ºC.
Store in a dark, dry place.

ORGANOLEPTIC QUALITIES of L'OLIER extra virgin olive oil
L'OLIER is the exclusive extra virgin olive oil of COOP. ELS TORMS, which preserves all the nutritional qualities of Arbequina olives. L'OLIER is a dense, fruity oil, with hints of green almond, fresh olive aroma and connotations reminiscent of grass and leaves.

L'OLIER has an entrance in a sweet mouth contrasted with bitter and spicy notes, which appear balanced. This mixture of aromas and tastes, typical of its link with our land, make it unique and special, especially when the Arbequina olive is greener, because it produces a more powerful flavor and something less sweet.

ELS TORMS, is located in the region of Les Garrigues, an excellent area for the cultivation of Arbequina olive, since being surrounded by forests and their aromatic plants, they give the oil some aromas and a fruity with special and great characteristics. quality.
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Olive oil
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Direct from the Producer
This is a store managed directly by Coop. Els Torms. By buying our oil here you are buying an oil of the highest quality directly from the oil producers who directly grind and pack the oil for you.
18,00 € 17,00 €
Not available: Out of stock or out of season
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