L'Olier pure olive oil

L'Olier, olive oil Premium Quality throughout the life cycle

About us

L'Olier the oil of Els Torms cooperative.
The cooperative of the Els Torms was founded in 1951, thanks to the concerns of a series of farmers in the town, who, seeing that they did not take advantage of their crops, decided, in an act of bravery, to buy an oil mill that was in the people, and manage production themselves.

Thanks to that initiative and the effort that generation after generation has maintained, we have now decided to go one step further and offer the market our best oil with the L'Olier brand, the oil from cooperative ElsTorms

L'Olier is the fruit of the effort of the peasants of Els Torms.

Premium quality. Riigurosos controls of production and elaboration.
L'Olier is an oil subject to rigorous production and processing controls, we control the olives from the tree, during the harvesting process, during the grinding process and until it reaches our consumer in the form of premium oil . The grinding follows a process that preserves all the natural properties of the fruit, the result of all this is the Olier, a juice of natural fruit and of our earth

Our lands

We work about 250 hectares of Arbequina olive groves in Els Torms (Lérida, Spain) with an annual production of 200,000 liters of which we select the best premium quality to make L'Olier, our extra virgin olive oil of very low acidity and mechanical extraction and in cold so that it retains all the natural properties of Arbequina 100% olive juice
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