About us

Oligami is a project started by two young farmers in the town of Omellons (Les Garrigues), who are committed to organic farming, respectful of the environment, seeking the balance of wisdom of our godparents with new technologies.
From time immemorial guarding and protecting the land is part of our DNA, especially the olive trees, which are part of our identity stamp, forging our characters, for this reason we continue the reason that our past ancestors undertook in these lands , taking care not only of the olive trees but of the soil in which they take root and the environment that surrounds them.

Our lands

The whole process of various jobs we carry out throughout the year ranges from caring for the trees to regenerating the sun, maintaining plant cover favoring microorganisms and the structure of the sun.
Oligami wants to respect the biodiversity of the flora and fauna on our farms, favoring nesting
of birds to encourage biological control of pests and as part of the eco-bats project.
To finally harvest with the optimal point of harvest, ensuring that the olive arrives in the best conditions and temperature in the mill, where it is ground at low temperatures thus retaining all its organoleptic properties, so that the consumer enjoys a table oil as freshly squeezed, retaining all the character of our land.
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