AOVE SHICAR en rama - Extra virgin olive oil in branch

5,60 € 8,00 €
Not available: Out of stock or out of season
It is a very intense oil in aroma and a certain spicy point produced by our farmer Salva en Dílar (Granada). Once extracted, it is quickly packed without filtering and the first cold extraction of selected olives to be able to enjoy an oil with a high concentration of polyphenols (natural antioxidants).

It is an oil in its pure state that requires special conditions of conservation so that it does not deteriorate. It is not advisable to cook raw oil at high temperatures since organic substances that have not been filtered burn quickly. The ideal is to consume it in salads, toasts, etc. to enjoy its fresh and fruity flavor it is advisable to consume it relatively quickly.
Single packaged product:
Olive oil
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Organic growing Certificate
Pack Price: 5,60 €
Pack Weight: 1,00 Kg.
Price/Kg: 5,60 €
5,60 € 8,00 €
Not available: Out of stock or out of season
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