AGROBOCA is an online platform created to recover all the flavor, nutritional value and a reasonable price in fruits and vegetables. We believe that to achieve this, it is essential to support the protagonists, the growers. To do this we created this channel, inviting consumers to buy at source and offering farmers free and current tools to sell their products directly, with the original quality and at a fair price.


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What is Agroboca?

Agroboca is an independent project for the recovery of flavor, nutritional value and reasonable price in fruits and vegetables.

So why have we created an online platform for producers and consumers?
We believe it is possible to cultivate good products in a non-aggressive way and obtain better and reasonably priced products if we approach producers and consumers. To achieve this, we believe that it is essential to have complementary channels of distribution where the chain of intermediation is shorter and where the savings of brokering can be invested at both ends of the chain:

• For the consumer: higher quality products, healthier and affordable.
• For the producer: fairer prices at source and growing higher quality products.

Agroboca es un proyecto independiente para la recuperación del sabor, valor nutricional y precio razonable en frutas y hortalizas.


What do we mean by quality? Original flavor in fruits and vegetables

When we talk about fruits and vegetables and quality we want to talk about plant heritage, nutrition, gastronomy, original organoleptic characteristics, agriculture, preservation of the rural environment, justice, health and people.
We do not want to talk about calibers, delivery times, rotation, harvests / year and rotation at the point of sale, because we already know the result: unsustainable prices at origin and insipid salads ... we want fruit and vegetables full of flavor and nutritious .

The fruit and vegetables that we know are the legacy of the work accumulated during centuries of the farmers in selection and cultivation of the best seeds and varieties that have known to offer balanced taste and nutritional value.
A vegetable product grown without abuse of additives or organic, harvested at its optimum point of maturity and served fresh, will be a quality product. If that product has to go through all the current links in the distribution chain, it will not be affordable for most people. If the farmer devotes part of the arable land to direct sale, it is possible to consume quality products at more affordable prices.


Your free online shop for direct Selling

We are betting on a free project in the network that favors these exchanges. With Agroboca.com producers can publish their offer and have an online store for free; And consumers can search and find those products they need for a diet rich in vegetables with all the flavor and at an affordable price. See store searcher.

We give a free shop for any farmer or retailer who wants to start or continue direct selling. We also offer payment services for shops with more benefits. If you are a farmer or a trade and want to start creating a store, you can visit the following links before.

We also want to bring transparency and discourage the proliferation of commercial figures that are often presented as farmers and are not. For us, grower is the one who knows the varieties, their seeds and cultivates the land. Agroboca wants to encourage farmers to sell their own products, in isolation or grouping together to make a more complete and assortment for consumers.

Respect for traditional channel

We respect the value of the wholesaler and the distributor because we know how difficult it is to supply, transport, sanitary control and deliver to retailers a complete range of products at a competitive price all year round and the whole territory. It is not an easy task. But as consumers we miss out on products of higher quality, harvested at their optimum point of maturity, without artificial treatments or additives. Fruits and vegetables with all the flavor, taste and smell, that we desire at our tables and, of course, at equally reasonable prices.


Pricing policy

Agroboca does not regulate or act in purchase or sale prices. As consumers we want the cost savings, which means reducing the brokering, revert in a greater margin for the growers and a lower cost for the consumers, because in the end what is at stake is the human feeding. However, we also want to warn that if the online sale fails to reduce the final price of products in favor of consumers, in the long run the intermediaries will lead also the online fresh market and the farmers will have missed this great opportunity.


Agroboca financing and fees

The project has been financed through advertising and the voluntary support of several collaborators from 2009 to 2016. In 2016 we decided to turn the project into a mercantile society to ensure its future and sustainability. Agroboca's activity is neither to buy nor to sell, but to offer services for the promotion and direct sale of agri-food products as a support to agriculture, thus obtaining products with better taste and nutritional value.

We offer free services and payment services. The revenue from payment services is obtained through a small commission on sales. These commissions and rates have been studied in order not to damage the commercial margin of the farmers. They are small and ONLY BILLED if sales are made. We have done this to help sell and reduce risk to zero: if you do not sell you will have no expenses.
To know more about services and rates, visit our Services and rates page.


To be a country partner

If you are interested in developing our model in your country and your business area is related to software development, digital marketng or agriculture, use the general contact form to explain how you can help us.


Next steps

The 2009 directory was a necessary step. The current platform is a growing reality that still has to bear fruit. The next step is already under way and soonwill see the light ...




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