4 Organic Boxes 5 Kg

82,00 € 100,00 €
Not available: Out of stock or out of season
Organic Box ECO Mono Sport

ECO boxt monthly subscription
Offer for 4 boxes of 4.5 kg of weekly delivery with:
- 2 types of fruit, 3 + 3 pieces
- Vegetable for salad
- Vegetable for boiling
- 250 gr of whole carbohydrates (rice or pasta according to week)
- 250 gr of vegetable protein (legumes, lentils / chickpeas according to the week)

Ideal for athletes, monodietas, monohogares or users who cook little at home , and want to ensure a basic and complete supply of organic products for your weekly diet.

Price with transport € 20.5 / unit

Offer price for the Consumption Group based on a minimum commitment of 4 units (weekly delivery).

To take advantage of this offer with transport included, at the end of the purchase process, choose the store pick-up option. Agroboca Store will be responsible for sending your basket to your home (mainland Spain). See observations.

Ecological seasonal content that may vary according to the time and condition of the crops at the time the order is received.
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About us?
We have organized a small ecological consumption group to manage a shared purchase for a small group of users in the form of a pilot experience.
Our objective is to use Agroboca to buy directly from farmers and obtain organic fruits and vegetables, fresh with their maximum nutritional contribution and at a fair price for the producer and for the members of the consumption group.
For this we have reached an agreement with some growers of Agroboca to serve us weekly the products that we offer here.
Assorted Box with
- avocado
- peach
- orange
- onion
- cabbage
- lettuce
- potato
- tomatoe
- carrot
- spring onion
- chickpea
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Organic growing Certificate
Pack Price: 82,00 €
Pack Weight: 20,00 Kg.
Price/Kg: 4,10 €
Direct product of farmer.

Departure warehouse of the producer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, delivery in 24 / 48h

Price with transportation included
To take advantage of this offer, add your product to the cart and at the end of the purchase process choose the store pick option. Agroboca Store will send 4 baskets to your home, one a week. (Only peninsular Spain).

For more information you can request the subscription to the Consumer Group by sending your data from this subscription page.
82,00 € 100,00 €
Not available: Out of stock or out of season
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