Certified Quality Organic Pineapples suitable for Export

0,62 €/Kg. 9,00 €
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Farm in the Northeast Region of the Dominican Republic, exclusively prepared for the production of pineapples and lemons, accredited for export, with a production of more than 6 million pineapples, There is the option to buy the farm, the right to distribution or make the Purchases of pineapples on the same farm by the customer or we pack it and transport it to its collection centers or ports for export.

TOTAL of the 7,000 hectares of land, for sale in USD $ 12,000,000.00 (twelve million dollars)

Pineapples for export are sold packed in boxes of 6 pineapples in the Farm, FOB Price us $ 8 per box of 12kgs. and EXW price us $ 7.50 per box of 12kgs.

The FOB $ 8 per box includes transportation to ports and airports and boarding.

12kgs are 26,455 pounds that divided by 6 pineapples that carry the boxes, is = 4,409 pounds pineapple unit.
Single bulk product:
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Conventional agriculture
Price/Kilo: 0,62 €
Min 10.000,00 Kg.
Unidades/Caja 6 Kg.
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0,62 €/Kg. 9,00 €
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