Types of agriculture and quality in fresh fruits and vegetables

In this section you will find some basic agricultural concepts useful for planning your food and supply of fruits and vegetables.

There are many ways to classify types of agriculture, but as consumers we will talk about different types depending on the impact of the cultivation method on the environment and the additives and processes used that may affect the health and the final quality of the product.


Types of agriculture

  • Traditional agriculture
    It uses the typical systems of a place, that have configured the culture of the same, in periods more or less prolonged.
  • Organic or biological agriculture (are synonyms)
    They create diverse systems of production that respect the ecological characteristics of the places and geobiológicas of the grounds, trying to respect the stations and the natural distributions of the vegetal species, fomenting the fertility of the ground.

    The use of this denomination is reserved and requires strict compliance with regulations that can only be accredited with the corresponding certificates.
  • Integrated production agriculture
    Agricultural production system halfway between organic agriculture and industrial or conventional agriculture. Integrated Production, unlike Organic Production, allows the use of synthetic agrochemical products (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.), although it is sought to make minimal use of them, and this is restricted in the specific Technical Norms of Production for each crop, and only allowed if there are no other viable alternatives.

    The use of this denomination is reserved and requires strict compliance with regulations that can only be accredited with the corresponding certificates.

What do we mean by quality?

When we talk about fruits and vegetables and quality we want to talk about fresh products, plant heritage, nutrition, gastronomy, organoleptic characteristics, flavor, agriculture, preservation of the rural environment, justice, health and people.

From this point of view, we understand that the farmer is the one who knows his land and the crops that he can successfully develop. We defend organic agriculture and integrated production because they are the least aggressive, but we also defend the traditional agriculture that has also been able to evolve the current varieties to the present day.

AGROBOCA, regardless of the type of agriculture, works to make it easier for users to find and purchase fruits and vegetables that are full of flavor directly from the farmer and meet the following requirements:

  • Authentic flavor, offering the smell and original characteristic taste, to respect our palate and gastronomy.
  • Original and complete nutritional value, so that in each intake, each variety provides the expected nutrients.
  • Reasonable and affordable price to enjoy a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Conventional or Industrial agriculture

Apart from the three types of agriculture already described, there is the so-called conventional or industrial agriculture based mainly on intensive systems, and focused on producing large quantities of food in less time and space, with greater ecological wear and tear and aimed at moving large commercial benefits. This agriculture uses synthetic additives currently allowed as fertilizer input for soils and for the control of weeds, pests or crop diseases.

Although we understand that this agriculture currently offers products at an affordable and affordable price to most consumers, we understand that it is an unsustainable and not very recommendable model, from our point of view as it does not favor the taste, nor respects the traditional chemical composition of fruits and vegetables and does not help establish symmetrical relationships between producers and their customers.

AGROBOCA is not responsible for the content of the stores, for this reason we warn you that you may find this type of products on our platform. It is the producers and businesses who choose and publish the products. Our duty is to objectively inform and give the tools so that users freely choose their products.

How to select the types of products?

In the catalogs of the stores of the platform you will find all kinds of products: organic fruits and vegetables, integrated production and traditional agriculture.

From the search engine you can select the type of agriculture that interests you most and list the products of the different producers or shops that offer them. Stores that publish Organic and / or Integrated Production products are obliged to dispose of and display the corresponding certificate. Next to each certified product you will find a link to its certificate. If it has not it, it is not certified.


Symbols and legends for the type of agriculture

AgrTraditional agriculture - No certified

Organic, organic or ecological agriculture - certified

Integrated production agriculture - certified

Conventional agriculture

Seasonal product - useful information for the consumer

Do not worry, you'll find a more complete legend every time you visit a store in AGROBOCA.



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