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General operation of AGROBOCA

The platform has been created to bring together producers and consumers with the intention of supporting farmers who want to devote part of the arable area to higher quality agriculture and help them sell their products directly to the consumer.

Mechanics of operation
Producers and retailers can open their stores on the platform and upload their product catalogs, choosing a free plan (Basic Store and Advanced Store) or payment plans with premium services (Premium Store). The creation is very simple and is organized in all cases in 7 steps with forms for users without previous knowledge.
See frequently asked questions and answers, in Steps to set up a store in 15 minutes.

Why are there also shops for shops?
Some producers may have a small or insufficient assortment of products. To solve the problem of the range and the assortment are the businesses. They do not cultivate the land, but they know how to buy and sell products. Buying the producers directly and offering a wider range should be one of their added value within the platform.

The AGROBOCA stores are prepared so that each producer can manage his own product catalog, integrate a transport system and collect through credit cards or Paypal.





Frequently asked questions


Is it true that opening an online store IS FREE? YES

How to create your store in 7 steps. Tutorial.

What information do I need to document?

What are the advantages of opening a store in AGROBOCA?

Who rule the prices?

Types of agriculture

How does transportation work?

Preparation of shipments and packaging

Types of stores (directory, bàsic and advance stores)

Payment systems and commissions

Votes are very important

Can I try a shop before? Yes

Who regulates the particular terms of purchase between seller and buyer? You.


Report a violation

Why did we create Agroboca? About the project

Would you like to create a store but need help?




Is it true that opening a store IS FREE? YES

Currently there are three types of stores in AGROBOCA, two are free and only one is paid yearly.
If you decide to activate the payment systems (payment with Card / Paypal) you will have to pay a small fee for the service only when sales are generated. But that's not the case with Basic Stores. See below "Types of stores".


How to create your store in 7 steps and 15 minutes.

If you know how to use a mobile phone, you can set up a store in AGROBOCA. The stores have been designed for users without previous knowledge. The store is assembled in 7 simple steps using forms where you are asked to add the information that your store needs.

Here's what you need to get started:

1. Registration. To create a store, you first register with your email. The type of store you can choose later. Go to the registration page.

2. Access to your control panel. Continue and enter your control panel and click on the menu "My store"

3. Access to your store in 7 steps. The first time you enter, you will find a store creation guide in 7 steps.

This is where you will be asked for all the information needed to publish your store: your data, store name and payment systems, shipping forms, product catalogs, prices, purchase conditions, images and texts for the Home and About us

  • Step 1. Details of your company
  • Step 2. General Settings and Type of Store
  • Step 3. Shipping and transportation
  • Step 4. Product Catalog
  • Step 5. Terms of Purchase
  • Step 6. Contents Home page
  • Step 7. Contents About us

You can interrupt the process at any time. You save the changes and you follow another time.
Watch video tutorials of each step (spanish version)

4. Type of store and publication. At the end of the process and before publishing the store is when you will be asked which store you want to choose: Basic, Advanced or Premium, and where you can activate the publication of the store. From that moment your customers will be able to buy you over the Internet.

5. Modify. Once published you can enter your control panel and modify your store when you want to add or remove products, change prices or information about your company.

You can stop the process at any time. You save the changes and you follow another moment.
Watch video tutorials of each step (spanish versión)


What information do I need to document?

You can choose between different levels of content, step by step ...
- Publish only information about your farm as a producer or company.
- Add and publish a catalog with products and prices.
- And when it comes to selling, you can decide between just receiving order alerts (Basic store) or letting users use your card and complete the purchase and pay online (Advanced and Premium stores).


What are the advantages of opening a shop in AGROBOCA?

Sales. The platform not only gives you a store, but also helps you to sell.
To achieve this we give the best information and facilities to your customers to acquire your products.
Saving. We concentrate the buying effort on transportation and marketing for you.
All the stores enjoy the effort without having to make each war by their side.


Who rule the prices?

The prices you put. You manage your own product catalog, with weights and prices.
We have created the platform as a distribution channel, complementary to the traditional one.
We believe that in this way the producer can increase his margin, dedicating a part of the arable land to a production of higher quality for the consumer.
Many online stores, put the same prices as the outlets of the big cities taking advantage of the prices already paid by consumers.
We think that in the long run it is a mistake. The margin recovered from online sales should also be shared with the consumer economy. Why? Because if you do not do this, in the long run the middlemen are allowed to operate online, and then the farmers will have missed this opportunity. With somewhat tight margins the intermediaries have more difficult to enter the direct sale.


Types of agriculture

Regardless of the type of agriculture, AGROBOCA promotes the quality of fruits and vegetables. As consumers we aspire to enjoy products that recover all the flavor, nutritional value and at a fair price.

Aware of the growing need of consumers in fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables, we recommend organic farming, integrated production and traditional agriculture for users.
We do not recommend industrial agriculture that benefits the premium and quantity above quality and that has caused the fall of the prices at origin until making the sustainability of many farms difficult. More information on types of agriculture.


How does transportation work?

With advanced stores you will need to have a transportation system to send the products that users buy online
From the control panel of your store, you choose if you put your transport or want to use Agroboca.
To use Agroboca you have a transport configurator in the panel of your store where you configure the shipping zones, service (24h or Weekly for example) and tariffs (€ / kg). Every time a sale is made with our transport system, you will have to download the shipping labels and paste them in the shipping boxes for pick up and delivery in 24 / 48h. If you do not make daily shipments you will have to document it in the configurator of transport and in your general conditions of purchase.

More information about Agroboca transport and its rates here (spanish versión).


Preparation of shipments and packaging

In each shipment or shipment, all products sold must be included and include in the packaging the delivery note and / or invoice detailing the content purchased through the platform.

Only closed and sturdy boxes will be accepted that will allow stacking and resist transportation. Boxes should include visible labels FRAGILE and POSITION UP to avoid breakages or dumps. The boxes must include the transport tags where the Tracking number is included with the origin and destination data provided by the platform. This will require a printer.

Wet or liquid-containing products should be sealed (with plastic bags or similar) to prevent spillage of liquid in case of breakage. Common and used cardboard boxes break easily when they get wet.


Types of stores

AGROBOCA offers online stores for agribusiness producers and shops, with different services, some free and others for payment.

  • Basic Stores
    Free. Ideal to start step by step and get to know how AGROBOCA works:
    They do not include payment systems associated. The seller can not perfect the sale online, only receive alerts of the order that he has to attend to get the sale.
  • Advanced Stores - In preparation
    Free with commission on sales. Ideal for users who have already received orders with basic stores or advanced users.
    They include associated payment systems and transport so that the buyer can make the payment online.
    The seller pays a small fee for each sale to AGROBOCA for the use of the platform.
  • Premium Stores - In PreparationPay-per-view movies. Recommended for experienced sellers.
    The seller pays a small quarterly (or annual) fee, plus a reduced fee for each sale as a use of the platform.

For more information or choose the type of store, visit Stores and Plans


Payment systems and commissions

When a store has integrated payment systems (cards / Paypal), you can sell online. Only when sales are generated, the seller pays a small fee for the service. This happens in Avanza and Premium stores.

AGROBOCA commission on sales services is 8-6%:

Banking or financial costs to be passed on
- card payments, 0.4% on sales
- payments with Paypal, 3.4% on sales, plus a minimum per transaction of € 0.35

For more detailed information on the types of shops, services and tariffs in force, see Services and rates



Votes are very important

In AGROBOCA we work to give the best information, and for this it is vital to listen to the opinion of the users regarding their experience, buying or selling. Each time a purchase is completed, both parties have the right and duty to value their experience. In this way a seller can know the reputation of a buyer, and a buyer can know the reputation of a seller and the average quality of their products.

To vote the products received, follow the link "Vote" in your order panel.


Can I try a store before? Yes

You can do two things:

  • Visit a example of store and examine its contents and design. Visit now.
  • You can register and try your own store. It is important to become familiar with the content manager step by step. Remember that you have 30 days to publish it without commitment. During the creation process, you can direct your queries if you have any doubts. Start now.


Who regulates the particular conditions of purchase between seller and buyer? You.

According to the General Conditions of use of the platform (item 6c), sellers are obliged to publish their purchase conditions according to the current regulations on electronic commerce.
The particular conditions of purchase and return are displayed by each producer in the section of your store Conditions of Purchase.
It is important to devote special importance to this point to avoid possible conflicts.
AGROBOCA gives you a text as an example template on which you can make the necessary modifications to suit your store.





AGROBOCA, understands that the buyer user has the right to return when any of the following circumstances exist, and we advise the user not to accept the delivery and return it to the carrier.

The delivery box presents serious damages - Ec is convenient to take photographs
The content of the delivery does not correspond at all with the order.
The quality or appearance of the products does not advise its consumption.
The rejected goods will not be returned to the seller, they will be destroyed.
For other cases and before rejecting and delivering the merchandise to the carrier, we advise the user to call the seller to reach an agreement.

The particular conditions of purchase and return are displayed by each seller in the section of your store Conditions of Purchase.
It is important to review them before publishing. To facilitate the work there are editable templates to write the own conditions of purchase: in the own adminsitrador of your store and in the generic template page for terms of purchase



Report a violation

If you believe that a user has committed a violation and finally want to report it, you can use the form in the section Report a violation. We recommend that you carefully review the General Conditions to determine which rules have been violated.


Why did we create Agroboca? About the project

We think that giving support to agriculture we all win. Consumers, obtaining better quality products, and producers diversifying the risk using a complementary distribution channel where they can increase their prices and see their work recognized. About the AGROBOCA project.


Would you like to create a store but need help?

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