Agroboca Green Friday

Green Friday. November 26 to December 3. An opportunity to go from black to green and consume in an orderly, conscious way and without causing logistical excesses or unnecessary demands that only encourage at the end the discourse of scarcity and price increases for consumers and producers.

An opportunity for green or slow consumption

Black Friday can be a good occasion to make our purchases but if it is green, better than better.
Because Green Friday means consuming in an orderly, conscious and sustainable way, without causing logistical excesses or unnecessary demands, which in the end can serve to encourage the discourse of scarcity and the increase in prices for consumers and costs for producers.

These days we have encouraged Agroboca producers to publish new products with some discount or extra free benefit, in the form of an additional quantity of product, transport or some facility to make purchases.

These fruit and vegetable deals can be used to learn about new products, or for farmers to use Black Friday sale days to connect with new consumers.

Some selected products Green Friday


Find your offers in organic or conventional fruits and vegetables
(Offers available from November 26 to December 3, 2021 and subject to availability)

Oferta ECO 15% Descuento Cesta 12 KG de frutas y hortalizas ecológicas variadas

Oferta naranjas navelinas cultivo tradicional 15 KG

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Why Agroboca? 

Agroboca was created to obtain better quality fruits and vegetables, and for this we decided to commercially support producers by giving free online stores to give visibility to their work and products, selling in a short channel and reducing excess intermediation. Vídeo sobre el proyecto

Are you a grower and want to sell your products without intermediation?

Join the Agroboca project by creating your store with a simple registration. Sell ​​your products directly to consumers or professionals in a short channel, taking advantage of Agroboca's free digital tools.
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